Our Value

We help kids get active, so they can have healthier, happier and more successful lives.

We bring inspiration to the fidget communities where we live, work and play.

We engage our passionate and creative employees to amplify our impact. We work with global partners to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the world today.

From the very beginning, Starss set out to be a unique kind of company. One that not only celebrates fidget toys and the new hottest trend, but that also supports and shows loving care for adults, children and families suffer from ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Autism and other emotional and psychiatric illness.

Starss believe that unleashing the positive spirit can change the world and we help fidgeter get active and creative, so they can have happier and more successful lives. Bringing a feeling of constant connection inside this fidget family is all we do.

We’ve been reviewing spinner toys and other fidget toys in great depth.

We have over 500 reviews, previews, and comparisons which cover all major devices dating from the dawn of contemporary cell phones to present days.

We empower our fidgeters to unleash their innovation spirit through DIY creations – the combination of a structured system, personalized accessories, and adventurous coloring. All encourages spinning thoughts and playing ideas in a wholly unique FIDGET fashion.